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Jeanne was a customer at our business. I mentioned our desire to sell our home to downsize and lower our bills as our daughter had just begun college. I had mentioned this to several other realtors over the years, but Jeanne asked for my email address and that evening she sent me several listing to look at. The next time I saw her she asked if we wanted to see any of them. We spent about 6 weeks looking at many houses. Jeanne was so patient and helpful. When we looked at homes whatever I complained about or complimented she would send us new listings shorly after to match our preferences. When it seemed she would definitely find the right home for us we decided to list our home. So we put our home on the market Memorial Day Weekend. We received several offers over the next few months. When we were out of town Jeanne would go by our home after the other realtor left and make sure it was locked up. More than once the other realtors were so interested in their sell, they neglected to lock up. Jeanne not only cared about us and our home, but she also cared about the owners of the homes we were viewing. She was careful to lock up and turn off the lights and follow any other instructions as requested. Each home we visited was potentially our new home and she treated it with respect. In August we received the bid we would accept, our home was on the market a little over two months and we received 96% of our asking price. We highly recommend Jeanne for anyone seeking a new home or to sell their current home. She is very proficient, professional and easy to work with. Your goals become her goals and she is satisfied when you are satisfied. As we prepared to close Jeanne helped us make decisions by giving us the knowledge we needed to make the best decision for us. She thought about many potential bumps before they occurred, so when situations arose as they always do, we had already considered how we might handle them. I felt like such an expert. In the past I often would second guess, I believe hind sight is 20/20 vision, but with Jeanne, she helped us focus on what we important right now. I feel truly blessed by the experience, I feel like I did such a great job! We are now in our new home and I know it was the right choice. Jeanne was so great at listening and meeting my needs, she truly wanted us to have the home we would love. Thanks Jeanne, you are the best!

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Helped me buy and sell homes

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420 Kingsford Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314