About Us

The Player, Inc., Mission
Player, Inc., was founded in 1938. The company maintains general contractors’ licenses in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Management credits the company’s continuing success to the fundamentals of the Player mission:
To conduct a profitable business with integrity by:
• Providing our customers with quality construction at fair prices and completion as scheduled.
• Treating our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors with respect and honesty. Customers make our business.Without them we have no business.
• Maintaining for our employees workplaces where safety and employee well-being are true concerns.
• Being good citizens of our city and our state.

Player, Inc., is a general contracting firm recognized as one of the leading commercial and industrial construction companies in eastern North Carolina. Starting in the 1930s, the firm has played an active and exciting role in the growth of the greater Fayetteville area.

In 1938 Richard Player, Sr., moved his development company from Wilmington to Fayetteville and opened Player Realty Company. His brother Carl joined him in 1939. During the war years of the early 1940s, they built and sold homes throughout eastern North Carolina.

After World War II, the company continued its major role in the growth of Fayetteville, constructing some of the finest custom-built homes of the era.

In the 1950s, the company added commercial construction. Player Realty & Construction Co., as it became known, installed the first escalator in Fayetteville at Sears, downtown. In 1958, the expanded construction organization changed its name to Player, Inc., emphasizing its full service capabilities. By the early 1960s, the company began to concentrate almost entirely on commercial and industrial construction.

The company’s growth and highly regarded reputation are credited to the company’s continuing effort to maintain quality construction while meeting its commitments to price and delivery. Regardless of where one goes in the Fayetteville area, one inevitably observes a church, school,
commercial or industrial building built by Player, Inc.